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The Baghban Haveli is continuation of our journey  of  a revitalised precinct  or a community court in the on going efforts of India’s 1st World heritage city. Among these restored boutiques houses are also other community houses with whom we  interact. We support Initiatives such as cleanliness & sanitation and share inspiration for a elevation of the entire cluster for a better quality of life.

Baghban Haveli is a 100 year old restored Gujarati haveli, located in a quaint area of the old city called Dhal Ni Pol. Peach coloured in the company of other vibrant heritage homes, it is a sweet haven to call your home. Its colonial style columns with intricate floral designs hold up the artistically restored and protected product of traditional Gujarati lifestyle.

Dhal Ni Pol itself is a developing cluster of heritage homes, such as French Haveli and Bavishi House, restored by 3 Foundation. Walking into this pol, you’ll immediately find yourself stepping into a time warp, taking you back into a time where Ahmedabad’s old city was thriving with the spirit of an active community, the foundations of which were love and kinship.

When you step through the wooden doors, you immediately find yourself in an abyss of light and colour. Your first stop is the chowk, or a courtyard which opens up towards the sky. A jhula (swing) hangs suspended over a sea of intricate floral designs, swinging in the cool breeze to the soft sounds of the pol chatter and labyrinthine old city.

An elevator will take you up to our 5 bed rooms, each designed with unique character. All rooms open into the central chowks view, another special feature of Gujarati havelis. Our culture encourages us to live in harmony with our community. This quality is deeply incorporated in the architecture of our havelis (homes).

Suite denizens also have direct access to the gazebo and the terrace, to enjoy the clouds and the sky and the light clatter and chipper of the city.

And to truly experience what its like to live in a Gujarati household, you must rush up to the terrace during your stay here. Count the stars peaking out from a red sky, huddle up together in the wind, watch kids in the neighbouring terraces battle it out with kites, have searing hot sweet chai and shout out ‘kem cho!’ to the your neighbour.

We hope to see you soon. Till then, we’ll look after your home for you.

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